Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Today was so awesome, a half-day of school and super fucking chill. I didn't pay attention at all in any of my classes, i just drew and listened to music. All my classes went by fast today (other than it being a half day). I had a quiz in NSL that I think I did pretty well on. Other than that there was nothing to do in any of my other classes. I decided not to retake this one quiz in French because I decided I could just take the C (15.5/20). It wasn't too cold today, even though Mark was complaining the whole time, while waiting for the bus, that it was cold. Well it's his fault he didn't bring a jacket or anything.

After school Mark and I took the metro up to Gaithersburg to go to meet Emily, Maribeth, and a few other people at Chipotle. We ended up not eating at Chipotle, but at Quiznos. After that we walked around a bit more and people bought/ stole stuff from Barnes & Nobles. Haha. I found it kind of funny. After that, Mark and Maribeth left to go to Maribeth's house to do whatever they planned. Emily, Ana, Ben, Allie, Cameron,Zach, and I walked to the Lakeforest Transit Center, but about a half hour later, we realized that the bus we needed to take to get to Allie's house didn't stop there. So, we took a different bus, got off at some place (I forgot where) and waited. While we waited I got out my iPod speakers and we chilled and listened to music. We proceeded to drawing stuff on the side of the glass of the bus stop thing. After waiting for so long, the bus came and we finally went to Allie's.

Her house was pretty tight I guess. I played her classical guitar and a bit of her electric. We started watching the movie Office Space but didn't finish it because we all lost interest in the movie and ended up just wanting to leave. We walked all the way to Cameron's house from Allie's. It wasn't too bad of a walk, just very long. We stopped and waited for the bus several time but eventually just gave up and decided to walk the rest of the way. We went through this Military recruiting place or something. We went down into this creepy kind of stairwell that had steel doors and chains on it for a bit until we reached the bottom and no one wanted to brave on in front and lead. Apparently sometimes homeless people stay there sometimes. As it started to get dark we neared Cameron's house. I think his house is pretty big. It's also pretty tight. We played guitar/ drums/ bass/ that other good stuff, listened to loud music, played pool, watched some movies, and just chilled. I left around like 10:45 or something, I think. Ana's mom came and took Emily home and drove me to the Shady Grove metro station. I got on the metro at sometime around 11:00 and got home around 11:45. I'm glad I ran up the escalator at Medical Center because right as I got to the 34 stop, the bus arrived. I was saved from waiting in the cold.

After I got home I had to knock on the door because my parent's were asleep. I think I woke up my mom. I put all my stuff away and went downstairs to get apple cider and raspberries, which were deliciously awesome. After that I was pondering whether or not I should get one of my stencils and go spray paint a road sign a street from my house. I ended up going out to spray paint it. While I was painting, I got nervous because there weren't many cars around but when there was one, I thought that they would stop. Haha. After I finish painting I realized that there was some guy in a car watching me because the light was red, so I walked quickly back to my house. I got a bit more nervous carrying a spray paint can and a stencil as about 5 more cars passed me out of no where. Ah well, it was a good experience though, I guess. I think what I spray painted up on the sign was terribly shitty because of my hurrying. Ah well, at least I didn't get caught or what not. That would have really sucked. I think I'm going to go check up on it tomorrow (well, today I guess, but later).

Well, since today is Thanksgiving, I'm eating dinner and doing stuff with my family and their friends. I think Emily is probably coming over to chill here and eat dinner here. Mark might hang out too. Also maybe Spencer. My mom bought the tofurkey stuff already. Woo vegetarian stuff! I hope that not many people go outside on Thanksgiving so that I can have a fun time painting the walls under a bridge and spray some new stencils and maybe do other stuff.

It's getting late, not really I suppose but whatever. It's 12:48, I'm tired and I still need to take a shower. I think I'm going to go to sleep very soon.

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