Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Skips On The Record

I only made this blog because Emily told me to. I probably would not have made it otherwise. So, uh I guess thanks. Haha.

To start off, I think today was pretty boring, nothing new or interesting happened. School went by like usual. I half slept in 1st period, which is health. Boring class, we watched a movie about some lady giving birth. Fun stuff, right? 2nd Period, I listened to my teacher talk about the Senate and House of Representatives. 3rd I spent the period texting and drawing. 4th is wind ensemble, kinda self explanatory. During lunch I got some decent hot cocoa from Giant then proceeded to go back to the school with Mark. We ate in the hall in front of the library for the first time today. We talked about boring stuff that anyone reading probably would not care to read. :P
5th period totally sucked because I had a French quiz that I was not prepared to take. I think I failed it and that especially sucks because my French teacher isn't giving us a chance to re-take the quiz. 6th was boring, sleep, draw, and half listen about how to write molecular formulas. Not very hard stuff. 7th I had another quiz, this time on the Odyssey. I find it funny how when someone asks me what I'm listening to and I tell them, they're like, "What?... I've never heard of them," or, "That's so random."
Throughout school I was thinking of what stencils I should make and what I should draw. Anyone have ideas?
I'm pretty sure that almost all school days are boring now. I think I've done too much "interesting" stuff to see school as slightly fun or interesting.

After I got home from school, I decided I should make a stencil. I gave it some thought and ended up making a stencil of a TV. I WANT TO GO STENCIL STUFF SOMETIME SOON AGAIN! <3 :]
I think street art is awesome. Wheat pasting, stickering, graffiti, stencils. I admire the people that do it.

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