Thursday, November 20, 2008

Floodgates Released

Well, I just got home and I'm probably just going to go off ranting.

Today fucking sucked.
I feel a bit on the down side as of right now. Depressed, a bit angry, and really fucking tired. I'm not quite sure why I'm depressed at all. It just comes and goes I guess. Just read the rest of this and infer I guess.

It started off as a good day, and I guess throughout the course of the day it got progressively worse.

Today, my friend asked this other kid if he had STDs, and I guess that just ticked me off a bit. I'm not going to reveal who either of them are, as to keep them anonymous and away from/ out of conversations. I guess they fucked yesterday, or sometime this week. While I heard all this, it made me imagine that happening and angered me. Whatever, maybe I should keep my nose out of these things, but it just pissed me off. It would seriously suck if she got some STDs. She's a good friend. The other kid is just a little cunt most of the times, he lies a whole fucking lot. I don't even know why I'm writing any of this. As of right now I feel like breaking something. The rest of my day just piled up. I don't feel like doing much today. Funny, I find that my life is quite comparable to the book, Hairstyles of the Damned. It's like my life is becoming more fucked up in a way. Maybe it will get a bit better. This I do not feel like explaining to people. If you ask me why, to me, it seems this way, I may or may not tell you, and if I do tell you, I probably will not tell you everything.

I started off the day listening to cheerful, happy music, and as the day progressed (and my mood changed) I transitioned in to music that fit my mood, music that was loud and heavy with some screaming. Something like that. I listened to mostly grindcore, some post-hardcore, noisecore, and (real) screamo. Mainly An Albatross, Phobia, Discordance Axis, Lightning Bolt, Saetia, Orchid, Some Girls, and some At The Drive-In. As I write this, I am listening to An Albatross. The music that I listen to most of the time reflects my mood.

So, I guess I'll move on to talking about my day.
First period. Health. I got to stare at a Powerpoint about a baby's growth in the mother's stomach. Second period. NSL. Half-listened to my teacher talk about the Senate and House of Representatives, followed by a video. Third. Precalc. I didn't pay any attention in that class what-so-ever. All I know is that my teacher didn't teach much at all, she just went over homework and the warm-up the whole fucking period. The shittiest class the whole day. I drew random stuff on my assignment.
Lunch. I don't feel like talking much about it seeing as it relates to sex, and random talk. It was a bit extended (and early) because during the normal lunch time we had old people come to our school and eat lunch with students, dance, and all that great stuff. If you're really curious about lunch, which I'm sure none of you are, just ask me or something...
Fourth period. Wind ensemble. I don't really have to tell you what I did that class. Fifth. French. We just sat around did one assignment on "qui" and "que" and also got to use the Activote egg things. Sixth. Chem. Lab day. Boring. The lab more than sucked, even though it was with acid it wasn't very interesting. Seventh. English. We spent the whole class reading Book 9 of the Odessey. Pretty much my day. A little after fourth period I got depressed, I guess. That sums it up.

I got bored, so...
I decided to add some random thing about music.
Like what albums I've been listening to or some playlist I made. Random shit. Yup.

Album: End On End
Artist: Rites of Spring
Genre: Emo/ Emocore

  1. "Spring" - 2:32
  2. "Deeper than Inside" - 2:16
  3. "For Want Of" - 2:58
  4. "Hain's Point" - 1:53
  5. "All There Is" - 2:00
  6. "Drink Deep" - 2:23
  7. "Other Way Around"* - 3:11
  8. "Theme (If I Started Crying)" - 2:11
  9. "By Design" - 2:11
  10. "Remainder" - 2:31
  11. "Persistent Vision" - 2:37
  12. "Nudes" - 2:32
  13. "End on End" - 2:36
  14. "All Through a Life" - 2:27
  15. "Hidden Wheel" - 2:31
  16. "In Silence/Words Away" - 3:00
  17. "Patience" - 1:58

Album: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Artist: Neutral Milk hotel
Genre: Indie/ Folk

  1. "The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One" – 2:00
  2. "The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three" – 3:06
  3. "In the Aeroplane over the Sea" – 3:22
  4. "Two-Headed Boy" – 4:26
  5. "The Fool" (Spillane) – 1:53
  6. "Holland, 1945" – 3:12
  7. "Communist Daughter" – 1:57
  8. "Oh Comely" – 8:18
  9. "Ghost" – 4:08
  10. (Untitled) – 2:16
  11. "Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two" – 5:13

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