Thursday, December 4, 2008

Did You See The Words?

Have you ever thought about running away from home? In all seriousness, have you? I have thought about it for quite some time. Not saying that living where I currently live is bad. It's just that I would like to see how it feels. I would want to know what my parents would do. Would everything still be the same? I want to do this just for experience and for a reaction from my parents. Might as well make it an interesting experience if I do decide to.

My mom is so annoying, when she hears something that I say (generally when it's not a good thing) or sees something I did, she over reacts and blows it out of proportion and ends up yelling at me for some bullshit. Example, today I was on the computer looking up tabs for a song and she comes in to my room and asks if I have homework. I tell her I don't have much. She starts to get pissy about me not having much homework (why the fuck would you get pissy over something like that?) and thinks that I did but am lying to her. I tell her that in the past couple of days and stuff we haven't been doing much in class. She ended up yelling at me about how checking Edline rarely is not reletive to checking it yesterday. When I tell her that even if I did check it yesterday I can still check it rarely because I don't look at it often she gets way pissed at me.
She blows things way out of proportion when they shouldn't be. End of story.

My house is a bitch to sneak out of. All the doors are so fucking creaky and if I leave through my window I have no way of getting back in. I need a hidden ladder... That would be nice.

Oh yeah, Emily wanted me to mention her in my blog so...

I've been thinking about stuff that's happened in the past year or so. A lot of interesting things have happened since I met Emily, Maribeth, and Kat. Both for good and bad I would say. Funny how we met or whatnot. Hehehe. I think since I started hanging with them I became better friends with, not only them, but also Mark and Daniel. They probably also kept me from doing far worse things than I have with them. Ask me what I mean by that if you want. I'm a bit lazy and don't feel like typing out this long write up even though I have all this in my head already.
I've met many new friends through them, gone through good times and bad, and had many interesting experiences. It saddens me when one of them is down and not cheerful like they should be. It worries me when they have very negative thoughts. Mark, Daniel, Emily, and Maribeth? They're probably some of my best friends. Cheers.

Eh fuck, I'm getting to lazy to go on with this. I cut it short by ending it with a list of their names and stuff. Yup. Great, right?

Edit: If anyone dislikes someone greatly and wants me to spam the shit out of their Facebook or whatnot, I'm willing to do that. I'm in the mood for it. Except for Sean Montgomery. I don't feel like dealing with someone who is as stupid as him. As for anyone else who wants to start shit over something stupid, like a little bit of random, off topic, Facebook comments? Be my guest.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Purple Bottle

Today I stayed home yet another day. My day wasn't bad. I slept more, downloaded more music, listened to it, then went to the doctor's. The doctor's place sucks. It's really boring when you have to wait there for like 30 minutes just so the nurse can ask you questions about random shit and then have to wait longer. When I came home I played some guitar and lounged around my house once again. My mom went back to work for a couple hours, which left me to do whatever I pleased. I sang Baby I'm An Anarchist as loud as I could and at the part where it goes, "I was burning the fucker and straining my black flag high!" I screamed that at the top of my lungs. I think my neighbors could hear me. Whatever, I don't really care what they think. At 5 pm, I went to this college thing with my parents at Whitman. It's one of those things where colleges come and you get to look at them and such. The good thing about this one, however, was that it was for art schools. I forgot to bring my portfolio so I didn't get to show any of the people my work. Ah well. I'm pretty glad I went, I'm happy to know that art schools don't care about your GPA as much as those damn Ivy League schools. I'm sure as hell I wont be making it in to one of those. For most of the art schools there, the requirement to get in was a 2.5-3.0 GPA and a good portfolio. At least I might get in to a liberal arts school. Screw rich people. Working as a starving artist, doing the thing you like to do, is way better than sitting at a desk or whatever. DESK JOBS FUCKING SUCK. I never want one. When I got home, it was around 6:30, I ate dinner, then went up to my room and just sat around, not bothering to do any of my homework.
The Purple Bottle, good song by Animal Collective. :]

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Swimmer King

Well, I was just thinking to myself about how I haven't been writing in my blog recently. I'm writing at this time because I'm sick and I did not want to go to school. My mom made me go to school yesterday and I felt like shit. Luckily, she's being nice today. Hopefully she doesn't end up yelling at me later.

Since my last post was about a week ago on Wednesday, I'm going to back up and try to remember what has happened since and make up for not writing in a while (more like five days, but whatever). I'm going to start on Thursday, which was Thanksgiving.

Thurdsay, Thanksgiving, I can't remember what I did before Emily came over very well.
I probaby just hung around my house playing guitar and looking up stuff online. I helped my parents for a little bit in the morning and then proceeded to making more stencils. In the afternoon sometime, Emily came over and we hung around my house making stencils and such. I think she made three. I only made one though... I think? Haha. After we finished, it was about 4 o'clock, so, we got a paint bucket and all these other random paint supplies and stuffed them into one of my hiking backpacks. I don't think my parents seemed suspicious of why I was lugging a huge hiking backpack to Mark's house. That, or they didn't care. We took a walk to Mark's after I found the CD with the pictures I took for his dad on it. At Mark's house we played Rockband and got distracted for a bit. It was pretty fun. He got an excuse to not watch Indiana Jones with his parents and little brother. My parents called around 5:45 and told us to be home around 6:15, so we left Mark's to follow up on our original plans, which was to paint over some old streetart and put up some new stuff. We ended up getting to the place a little after 6. It was already dark when we got there, actually it was dark when we got to Mark's, but that's beside the point. We had to use a flashlight. We painted about a 6 ft. x 4 ft. section of the wall some beige-ish colour, it was the only paint bucket I could open ( I tried beforehand). While working on this my parents called to tell me to start heading back, so we had to cut painting short and pack up. We had to walk pretty fast back to my house because my parents expected us to be back in like 5 minutes or something... We didn't get back that soon. I think my dad was a bit pissed when I walked in because we were late. Ah well.
For dinner Emily and I had tofurkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and all that other stuff. It was good. I think she ate more than she normally does for once. xD
After dinner we went to my room and just chilled, went on stickam with Ana for a little bit, and listened to music. We also went on Skype and such. After that, my parents drove her home. Well, that's the end of Thursday.

All I've been doing today is downloading music, listening to it, downloading more, and sleeping.
At least I don't have to sit through another monotonous day of school. Weee. I think I should listen to The Decemberists more often, they're pretty good. It's chill music, I like it. I also downloaded a shitload of post-hardcore. I'm going to find more music. My internet is being a bitch and it's really fucking slow. It's pissing me off.

Alright, enough about today, that's for later, now, on to Friday. Hmmmm, what did I do Friday?... Oh yeah, I sat around my house until around 1 or 2 o'clock watching videos of Portal. Haha, lame, right? After that, I went to Mark's house to go play Portal. xD
We switched off every now and then. It was pretty fun. We decided to go to the mall. Daniel came along and we met Kat and Maribeth there. We walked around a bit and then went in to Hot Topic. Mark bought the Cure shirt he's been wanting and because the shirts and stuff were on sale, I bought myself a BMTH shirt (it was buy one get the second half off). Why am I even talking about this? Ah well, I have no idea. Whatever. After that we went to go buy food, well, I didn't buy any, but Daniel and Mark did. Mark didn't finish his food so I ate some of it. It wasn't too appealing though. Ensuing food, we went to Pacsun. Daniel tried on hats and stuff. It was pretty funny. I think he also bought a hoodie. I saw Lou there and said, "hi."
Well, actually it was the other way around. We left Pacsun and went to the Apple store, screwed around on the Macs, and MB bought an iPod Touch. I think the Touch's are lame. I'd rather have a lot of room for music. When we left the Apple store and sat down, I saw my cousin. She glared at me like she hates me. Maybe she does. Whatever, she's 10 or something. Daniel wanted to stalk her and say, "HI CODY'S COUSIN!!"
He wanted someone to go with him but we were all too lazy. So, he went into the Apple store by himself to "prank call" Mark even though he told Mark. We walked away after he went into the store. We watched to see when he would realize we were gone. It took him quite a bit of time. Hehe.
MB and Kat got hungry so they went to buy asian food. Daniel, being lazy as always, went into the temperpedic (if that's how you spell it) matress store to go lay on some beds. I had some of MB's asian noodle stuff because I was starting to get hungry. As we were eating, we saw Jacob Coffee and he came over and sat down with us.
Following the mall, we went to see Role Models. It was a pretty good movie. Funny stuff. Mhm. We also saw James Bond: Quantum of Solace. The new James Bond movies are getting progressively worse. This one in particular sucked. It didn't have a very good plot, it just continued off the last one. It's way more unrealistic than the earlier ones, even if those were already unrealistic. It just seems crappy. Watching two movies in the second row in the front was not comfortable whatsoever. I also got a headache because of sitting too close to the screen looking up. Maribeth's mom drove us home when the movie finished. I ended up not eating dinner until 11:30 that night. My mom was pissed about that.

Heh I like staying in my room. It's nice and warm, and has stuff to do. :D
This is probably a really long post. Who knows, I'm too lazy to scroll up and see how long. Kudos to whoever bothers to read it all.

On to Saturday! Nothing interesting happened for the first half of the day. At 2 in the afternoon, I was supposed to meet Sarah at Medical Center but seeing as how my dad had asked me prior to planning to go to DC, I had to help my dad rake leaves and stuff. It ended up being 2:30 before we finished. After that my mom informed me that they needed to go pick up the car from the shop before they could drive me to the metro. I ended up getting to Medical Center around 3. Damn, I was an hour late.
We took the metro in to DC. After we got off the metro we got some coffee and walked in to Adams Morgan. There are some pretty rad CD/ record shops around there, some thrift stores too. I love going to DC, but no one ever wants to. I bought the Arcade Fire EP at Crooked Beats, one of the stores that sell a lot of indie and alternative CDs/ records and some punk stuff. We walked around some more after that. It was around 5:20 when we got on the metro back. I got off at the Friendship Heights station to go to Lou's house because Sarah had to go home. She met me at the station and we walked to her house. Her house was pretty big. It smelled so stereotypical for a french family. Haha. Oh yeah, she's French. We ended up playing some guitar and jammed. She also showed me some of her original songs, which were pretty damn amazing. They somewhat remind me of Blonde Redhead for some reason. She claims to have never heard of them. My parents called me around 6:30 and told me to start heading to Medical Center or whatever so they could pick me up. I did. When I got back to Medical Center, my parents weren't even there yet. It took them like 20 more minutes. When they finally came, we went to pick up Mark, Daniel, Emily, and MB at 7 Eleven because they were too damn lazy to walk back to Mark's. We dropped them off at Mark's, I went home to eat dinner, and after dinner I went to Mark's to hang. Daniel went home early from Mark's from once. Astonishing. Emily, Mark, MB, and I went to KP to chill. They asked me to climb up to the roof, which I did, but no one else did... Fail. Eventually, MB's mom came and picked up MB and Emily, I went back to Mark's house to sit around. We went on the internet and talked about random stuff. Well, that's Saturday.

Sunday, I sat around once again, then at around 2 in the afternoon (what's with things happening at 2?) I went around outside and yeah. That's pretty much my lame Sunday.

Monday... Monday sucked. I was sick, my mom made me go to school, if I didn't make that clear earlier. The day was boring as hell. I had homework due that I never finished. When I came home I just went to sleep and went on the computer. No point in doing homework if I was to take today off.

Well, with that, that brings me to today. The Decemberists are really beginning to grow on me. I'm currently deciding whether or not I should download some trance. Some more post hardcore, hardcore, grindcore, indie, and punk stuff would be nice. Time to go find more music! Maybe sleep too...