Thursday, December 4, 2008

Did You See The Words?

Have you ever thought about running away from home? In all seriousness, have you? I have thought about it for quite some time. Not saying that living where I currently live is bad. It's just that I would like to see how it feels. I would want to know what my parents would do. Would everything still be the same? I want to do this just for experience and for a reaction from my parents. Might as well make it an interesting experience if I do decide to.

My mom is so annoying, when she hears something that I say (generally when it's not a good thing) or sees something I did, she over reacts and blows it out of proportion and ends up yelling at me for some bullshit. Example, today I was on the computer looking up tabs for a song and she comes in to my room and asks if I have homework. I tell her I don't have much. She starts to get pissy about me not having much homework (why the fuck would you get pissy over something like that?) and thinks that I did but am lying to her. I tell her that in the past couple of days and stuff we haven't been doing much in class. She ended up yelling at me about how checking Edline rarely is not reletive to checking it yesterday. When I tell her that even if I did check it yesterday I can still check it rarely because I don't look at it often she gets way pissed at me.
She blows things way out of proportion when they shouldn't be. End of story.

My house is a bitch to sneak out of. All the doors are so fucking creaky and if I leave through my window I have no way of getting back in. I need a hidden ladder... That would be nice.

Oh yeah, Emily wanted me to mention her in my blog so...

I've been thinking about stuff that's happened in the past year or so. A lot of interesting things have happened since I met Emily, Maribeth, and Kat. Both for good and bad I would say. Funny how we met or whatnot. Hehehe. I think since I started hanging with them I became better friends with, not only them, but also Mark and Daniel. They probably also kept me from doing far worse things than I have with them. Ask me what I mean by that if you want. I'm a bit lazy and don't feel like typing out this long write up even though I have all this in my head already.
I've met many new friends through them, gone through good times and bad, and had many interesting experiences. It saddens me when one of them is down and not cheerful like they should be. It worries me when they have very negative thoughts. Mark, Daniel, Emily, and Maribeth? They're probably some of my best friends. Cheers.

Eh fuck, I'm getting to lazy to go on with this. I cut it short by ending it with a list of their names and stuff. Yup. Great, right?

Edit: If anyone dislikes someone greatly and wants me to spam the shit out of their Facebook or whatnot, I'm willing to do that. I'm in the mood for it. Except for Sean Montgomery. I don't feel like dealing with someone who is as stupid as him. As for anyone else who wants to start shit over something stupid, like a little bit of random, off topic, Facebook comments? Be my guest.


Drop Dead Darri said...

yes..i've also greatly considered running away from home..i rang up a hostel and shit and me and my mate had our money ready and were gna go on a total drinking binge mate started to "like" her mum again, so we dropped out..

But ur mother sounds like mine! they could totally be sisters man ..:P

Ana said...

Spam me!